Murals with the Arma Christi

A kind custodian of the Sint Pancratius church in ‘s Heerenberg, the Netherlands, who permitted me to film him during the service of ringing the angelus-bell (and who started so quickly, that I missed the first three rings! See post), showed me afterwards 4 murals on the two walls leading to the apsis. This church was so heavily damaged during world war II, that they were either restored or newly painted. It is after all the scene of “a bridge too far”, the second largest tank battle in history. The murals are meters apart and on opposing walls. The top illustration shows the murals at the time of their creation, after some digital work; below you can see the present state.


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“Charlotte's Vignettes in Verse had a wide vogue among the editors of London's higher-browed but less prosperous periodicals. Directly these frugal men realised that she was willing to supply unstinted Vignettes gratis, for the mere pleasure of seeing herself in print, they were all over her.” “Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court” by P. G. Wodehouse.
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One Response to Murals with the Arma Christi

  1. José Carlos Solimeo says:

    This is beautiful! Would you have the pictures of all the four murals with the “Arma Christi”? We liked the ones above very much and are considering reproducing them in panels for our Holy Friday procession,(we live in Brasil).

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